Let’s Talk Area Rugs

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There are several reasons to consider an AREA RUG in your decorating! For one, area rugs anchor furniture in a room and create a conversation space. When using an area rug in a living room, for example, it helps to create a cozy space that invites conversation. Too often we find ourselves pushing our furniture against the walls thinking that we … Read More

All About Reclaimed Wood!

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You may be wondering, “What’s the deal with reclaimed wood furniture?” Well, we have the scoop for you! First of all, what is reclaimed wood exactly? Reclaimed wood is usable wood that has previously been used in another structure such as a barn or building. When a building is torn down any wood that is collected and then later used … Read More

Decorating Wall Space: Some Tips and Tricks

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Is there a “best way” when it comes to decorating wall space? Should the wall art match the furniture and other décor items in your home? These are topics that cause some stress for most of us but here are a few thoughts for you to consider. While there is a risk of being overly coordinated and too “matchy-matchy”, your wall … Read More