5 Reasons Why Accent Chairs are Always a YES!

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We can become so focused on the larger pieces of furniture like the sofa that we forget that the accent chair can make a huge difference in a room. Below are our top 5 reasons why decorating with accent chairs is always a good idea!

  1. Accent chairs create additional seating. In our gathering rooms it is nice to have ample seating for the family members who live in the home and guests who may be visiting. Depending upon the size, a standard sofa and love-seat can comfortably provide seating for about five people. When you have a chair or two included in the arrangement you automatically increase the number of available seats and can thereby pleasantly accommodate more people. This is always a plus especially for people who have large families or love to entertain.
  2. Accent chairs save space. We often find tight spaces in our homes where we want to provide seating but do not want to overcrowd a room. The bedroom and large landing areas, for example, are all perfect places to include an accent chair. Accent chairs are great for saving space while still providing a seating area.
  3. Accent chairs can be used to accent, of course! It is so nice to be able to add those bold, bright colors or exciting patterns that we love without committing on larger pieces of furniture items or wall paint. If you love pink or paisley or whatever it may be for you, an accent chair is a great way to introduce that into a room. Add a little drama and introduce your personality into your space with an accent chair.
  4. Accent chairs are flexible. Most accent chairs can easily be moved to other parts of the home. This is nice because you can change the feel or decor of a room simply by moving a chair. You can make an overnight guest’s stay more comfortable by moving a chair into a guest bedroom. Accent chairs are also flexible because many of them can be reupholstered for a new look. This can be a DIY project or professionally done. Either option will result in new, fresh look without having to invest in a new piece of furniture.
  5. Accent chairs make a statement. It is easy to get caught up in thinking that accent chairs always have to be clustered with sofa and love-seats. Accent chairs, however, can stand alone and make a statement all on their own. Oversized chairs and chaise lounges, for example, can effortlessly fill a space and make a statement in their own right. You can place two accent chairs on either side of a fireplace or a small table to create a seating arrangement of their own. In a room with limited space due to size or other objects in the room like a piano or fireplace this is nice. A large empty corner can also be a perfect place for a stand-alone accent chair.

Accent chairs come in a limitless number of shapes and sizes and for the five reasons above can easily become a favorite piece of furniture. No matter what type of chair you choose, you want your chair to look great, be appropriate for the size of the room, and be comfortable for you and your loved ones in your home. We invite you to come browse our large selection of accent chairs today!