5 Ways to Decorate a Small Space for the Holidays

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Do you have a small space you’d like to decorate for the holidays but are worried about feeling cramped or cluttered? Here are 5 easy ways to decorate a small space for the holidays:


Throw pillows and blankets! These are a great way to add a touch of the holidays without taking up too much space. They also make a room feel cozier and more inviting.


Small decorative trees! Sure, those ten-foot tall Christmas trees are gorgeous, but we do not all have high ceilings or the floor space to accommodate a large tree. Small decorative trees or these DIY paper cone trees are lovely in their own right and can easily be placed on a mantle, small shelf or a table without taking up too much space.


Holiday wreaths! When hung on the front door a holiday wreath adds a beautiful, festive touch without cluttering up a room. It is also the first thing that will greet you and your guests as they enter your home.


Stockings! These are a cute and fun way to bring in a holiday spirit and are perfect for a small space. While traditionally hung from a mantle, stockings can actually be hung in a number of places. You can use stair railings or furniture that you already have such as an entry table or a bench. Stockings can also be hung on the wall with hooks. You can get creative here and move away from hanging them on the mantle if you’d like!


Candles! Candles are an easy and elegant way to add a seasonal glow to your home. They are cozy and create a warm ambiance when lit.

We hope you have fun decorating your small spaces this holiday season! Come in and visit if you need any help or any more ideas!