All About Reclaimed Wood!

Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Mattress Store Idaho Falls

You may be wondering, “What’s the deal with reclaimed wood furniture?” Well, we have the scoop for you!

Reclaimed Wood Furniture in Idaho FallsFirst of all, what is reclaimed wood exactly? Reclaimed wood is usable wood that has previously been used in another structure such as a barn or building. When a building is torn down any wood that is collected and then later used for something else is considered reclaimed. Think about those large beams found in barns – those types of pieces are perfect for recycling into something else when it is time for the structure to be taken down. The reclaimed wood that you see in our store has come from a variety of sources in the southeastern Idaho area such as old homes, barns, pallets, fences, and more!

We are interested in reclaimed wood for several reasons.

  1. First of all, recycling and reusing lumber is environmentally friendly. Not having to cut down any new trees to create furniture pieces is a huge plus!
  2. The second reason has to do with aesthetics; furniture made from reclaimed wood is entirely unique. As wood ages, it develops unique patterns, colors, and textures. There are a variety of wood types found in reclaimed wood furniture meaning that each piece is distinct and beautiful in its own way.
  3. Finally, when you purchase something made from reclaimed wood you are purchasing something with a history. How many people can say that their kitchen table was made from wood used in an old southeast Idaho farmhouse, for example?

We stock several different furniture items made from reclaimed wood in our store. There are dining tables, entry or sofa tables, side tables, benches, bookcases, hutches, television stands and more. We are proud of our reclaimed wood collections and are grateful that we can play a part in offering you a selection of beautiful and environmentally friendly furnishings for your home!