How To Care For Wood Furniture In Idaho Falls

Pillows and Bench - wood furniture in Idaho Falls

There is something special about a beautiful piece of wood furniture in Idaho Falls. No matter its size, style or color, wood furniture imparts a sophistication few pieces of furniture can. Wood furniture conjures deep feelings of raw earth, harvested from a chaos and crafted into functional art. The presence of furniture made of wood immediately warms most interiors and exteriors. … Read More

All About Reclaimed Wood!

Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Mattress Store Idaho Falls

You may be wondering, “What’s the deal with reclaimed wood furniture?” Well, we have the scoop for you! First of all, what is reclaimed wood exactly? Reclaimed wood is usable wood that has previously been used in another structure such as a barn or building. When a building is torn down any wood that is collected and then later used … Read More