Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

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The perfect area rug in Idaho Falls is at Marketplace Home Furnishings

img_9555Have you seen our rug room yet?! We have three large rug racks in a special room in our store just for rugs. In all of southeastern Idaho, Marketplace Home Furnishings has one of the largest area rug selections with over 220 different rugs on exhibit. Between those on display and those available to order how exactly do you go about choosing the perfect rug for your space? Here are four tips to help you in choosing an area rug:

  1. What size of rug do you need? You can save yourself some time and hassle by measuring the actual space with a measuring tape before coming in. “Eyeballing it” can be difficult! While a 5’x8’ area rug may look large on display, it is actually too small to accommodate most sofa gatherings. Don’t forget to take into account any vents or door openings that may impact your placement.
  2. How much foot traffic do you anticipate? A more durable area rug is best in high traffic areas like the entryway, kitchen, living room and patio. Polypropylene is a good material as it is extremely durable and stain and fade-resistant. Nylon and polyester also make good choices for high traffic areas. While wool is still considered a durable rug material it may be better in lower traffic areas like the bedroom and living room.
  3. What is your budget? The area rugs in our store range anywhere from $50 to $1200 and up if you are interested in an heirloom quality or handmade rug. Knowing your price range beforehand will be helpful when coming in to look. If you have children or pets you may consider that when investing in a rug as well.
  4. What are your preferences? Are you looking for a bold, colorful, or patterned rug that will make a statement? Or would a neutral or more subdued rug work best with your décor? Considering the texture that you are interested in is helpful as well.

Whether you’re on a mission to buy that perfect rug or you’re just browsing we invite you to come in and see our rug room or call us at Marketplace Home Furnishings today and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have.