How to Create a Beautiful Farmhouse Look For Your Home

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If you keep up with Pinterest or watch popular home shows on television, then you have probably noticed that the farmhouse style has grown in popularity! When you hear “farmhouse style,” rustic furniture, shiplap walls, subway tile backsplash, and white color throughout are a few of the things that may come to mind. If this is a style you like it can easily be incorporated into most homes. Here are five ideas to help you get started creating a beautiful farmhouse look for your home:

Wood Accents!  Wood helps to soften and warm up a room. In the kitchen you can add rustic wood tables or stools. You can also sprinkle wood accessories throughout to create that cozy, farmhouse look.

Textiles!  Natural rugs, baskets, and blankets are an easy and fun way to warm up a space. These items look beautiful in any home and go a long way in creating that inviting farmhouse look.

The color WHITE!  You may have noticed that bedrooms in most farmhouse styles homes have a very light and airy feeling. You often find white walls, white furniture, and sometimes even white floors. Using white as the main color in a room creates a clean and bright look. Do not forget to use contrasting colors in these spaces though. For example, a white nightstand looks even more beautiful when it has a contrasting black metal lamp on top of it.

Metals! Metals are a very popular material to decorate with in creating this look and work well in any of the rooms in your home. They bring in a sort of industrial look that compliments this style. Some ways you can incorporate metal in your home is with light fixtures, industrial looking pendants, table lamps, and metallic pieces of furniture and accessories. You can incorporate as many or few of these types of items as you like depending upon your taste. (pictures with pieces of furniture or metal accessories)

Benches!  Do not forget to add a bench somewhere! You cannot go through a farmhouse and not see a lovely bench. You can use these benches in many different areas such as the entryway, kitchen table or in a bedroom at the foot of the bed to create a beautiful farmhouse look in your home. (bench pictures)

Have fun and remember when picking out furniture to create that perfect farmhouse look for your home, it is okay if the pieces do not all match. That is the beauty of a rustic, farmhouse look! Come visit us and see our large selection of unique farmhouse style furniture and decor items!