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If you’re looking for some useful tips on how to decorate your home in Idaho Falls, we suggest you start with the room in your home that will be occupied the most:

Decorating Your Bedroom

Idaho Falls Furniture Store - Decorate Your Home and BedroomTo get started, it’s never a bad idea to find bedding that compliments the color of your walls. This makes your bed, the focal point of your bedroom, able to blend in easier with its surroundings. From here, you can add coordinating window treatments. This is where you want to take into consideration your sleeping schedule. For early risers, it’s a good idea to select lighter colors that are thin and translucent. If you are a night owl, you will probably want to go for thicker window treatments with deep tones that will help block sunlight from entering the room.

Next, you can start adding furniture and accessories which match the focal point of your bed, walls, and window treatments. Be sure to leave things open, with plenty of space to move around. Having a bedroom that is too cramped can make it difficult to relax. If you need to, choose a smaller bed that isn’t going to choke the room.

Decorating Your Living Room

This is the room that most of your guests are going to see, so this is one where you will want to have excess clutter removed. To make extra space, get rid of any damaged or outdated furniture, or furniture that is too large or too small. Discrimination is key when learning how to decorate your home in Idaho Falls. If you have any family heirlooms or related objects that you want to keep, but don’t exactly match the living room, consider putting them in your bedroom.

Books and Clock - Furniture Store In Idaho Falls - Decorate Your HomeAs with your bedroom, you will want to choose a color pallet. Generally speaking, consistently sticking with either bright or dark colors is a good idea when trying to figure out how to decorate your home in Idaho Falls. The color sets the tone of your room. For a calming effect, stick with blues and greens, or dark reds and chocolate colors, or keep things energized with bright berry reds, yellows, and oranges.

It’s important to pick colors that you will enjoy seeing everyday. Something to remember when you’re wondering how to decorate your home in Idaho Falls is to look at your wardrobe and note the specific colors and hues that you naturally gravitate towards. This is a very reliable way to choose the living room color that is just right for you.

Finally, pinpoint your preferred style. Maybe take a look at some magazines, browse Pinterest, or go through our catalogue of furniture to help you get a better idea of how to decorate your home in Idaho Falls. Maybe you prefer a robust, rustic look, or a country decor with painted wood and slipcovered seating. Or maybe you would like a more mid-century modern style, with clean lines and exposed wood grains.

Decorating Your Kitchen

You can experiment with different decorating styles in different rooms, or keep things consistent. Maybe you will want your kitchen to be an extension of the living room style, or maybe you want to go with something totally different. It’s all up to you.

Idaho Falls Furniture Store - Decorate Your HomeColors are key to decorating the kitchen. Bathing your kitchen in flattering ton-on-tone palette will help give your kitchen a more spacious look. And for a more bold, unexpected touch, you can paint an accent wall with a vibrant hue that really grabs your attention and will also highlight the decorations in your kitchen.

When adding decorations to your kitchen, keep in mind the lighting situation. For example, a pair of pendant lamps would look great hanging just above the center table. Or perhaps you could try a trendy drum shade above your built-in breakfast nook, which will help give your kitchen a more finished look.

At Marketplace Home Furnishings, you are sure to find plenty of products that will liven up any room in your home. With such a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs, you are in good company no matter the style of your home.

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