Decorating Wall Space: Some Tips and Tricks

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Is there a “best way” when it comes to decorating wall space?

Should the wall art match the furniture and other décor items in your home?

These are topics that cause some stress for most of us but here are a few thoughts for you to consider. While there is a risk of being overly coordinated and too “matchy-matchy”, your wall art will pop and have an impact if it is supported by the furniture and other décor items in your home. Here are some ideas of ways to accent and add interest to your room. Remember of course, that the final product needs to be something that you love!



decorating wall spaceYou can see how the décor pieces displayed on the shelf borrow from the color palette found in this floral piece. By placing a shelf below the art, it allows you the ability to add additional colors and interest to your room.


decorating wall spaceThis beautiful piece on the wall is made out of wood. The corner table, also made out of wood, supports the artwork and subtly helps to bring the room together because it is made out of similar material.

Underline it!

decorating wall spaceIf you put a shelf, console table, or a bench underneath your art it is like drawing a line under text. It all helps to draw the eye and add emphasis! A shelf also provides the opportunity to add accent pieces to your room to bring an extra sense of style.

Size, shape, and color!

decorating wall spaceYou can add interest to any wall by using décor of different shapes, sizes and colors. Rather than just hanging a mirror, you can take multiple pieces to decorate a larger space by arranging your décor within a larger shape. For instance, creating a large square by using multiple pieces of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Off set items!


decorating wall spaceIn this picture, two coordinating pictures are off set above an accent table in a small area to add a little color and interest to the space.

And one final tip: if you lay out your wall placement on the floor first and get it exactly like you want it on the wall, it will eliminate the need to move screws or hanging devices multiple times. Take a photo of your design and then put it up and enjoy your décor! While there are other ways to decorate your wall space we hope you find these helpful! It’s our mission to help every house feel like a home!