DIY Festive Paper Trees

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These DIY festive paper trees are a fun and inexpensive way to create an eye catching holiday display. They are simple enough that your kids can help out and you probably already have these everyday supplies on hand. Here’s what you need to know to do-it-yourself:


Supplies – Poster board or cardstock, tape, glue, favorite holiday wrapping paper, and scissors.


Step 1 – Make your paper cones. Poster board was used to make the biggest cone and cardstock for the others as the cardstock seemed easier to work with. Start by cutting half circles in several different sizes. Then roll them up into cones and tape the edge. You can use glue here but tape seems quicker and less messy. You will want to trim the end of the cone so that it will stand upright and be level.


Step 2 – Select and cut the wrapping paper. Be sure to cut the wrapping paper so that it is longer than your cone. Secure wrapping paper along the inside edge with tape or glue.


Step 3 – Wrap the cone and secure the wrapping paper. Using glue here is best because you do not want to see a taped edge.


Step 4 – Trim and tuck the edge of the wrapping paper inside the bottom of the cone.

Make several different cones in various sizes with the wrapping paper of your choice. And voila, your DIY festive paper trees are finished! You can add embellishments like beads or strings and for added effect, you can display these on cake stands or candle pedestals. We hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial and that you now have a lovely and festive tabletop display to enjoy this holiday season! If you’re in need of any other ideas for holiday decor come on in and pay us a visit.