Furniture Storage Tips from Your Idaho Falls Furniture Outlet

Furniture Storage Tips
Increase Your Storage Efficiency With Marketplace Home Furnishings

If you are preparing to put excess furniture away in a storage area in your home or a storage unit in town, then be sure to arm yourself with some professional furniture storage information from Marketplace Home Furnishings, your Idaho Falls furniture outlet.

Furniture storage can be a tedious task, and if you don’t take proper care of your furniture, it could end up becoming damaged. You want to know that your heard-earned possession are safe and in good condition when you come back for them.

Make Any Necessary Cleaning & Repairs

Furniture Storage Tips - Cleaning your FurnitureBefore storing anything in your storage unit, make sure it is both clean and secure. As a professional Idaho Falls furniture outlet, we are well aware of the damage that dirt and moisture can inflict on furniture. Be sure to check for leaks, structural damage, holes, and anything else that could lead to stains, damage, or erosion of your furniture. Water damage is the most immediate threat, as is mold resulting from excess moisture, so keeping your storage space air-tight is essential. It’s a good idea to line your storage room floor with thick plastic sheets before placing any furniture within the area.

It is also a good idea to make sure your furniture is thoroughly clean. Wipe down your furniture with a clean cloth, then use a cleaner on it that is appropriate for the kind of material it are comprised of.

Finally, make sure your furniture is absolutely dry before storing it, as trapped moisture can damage your furniture.

Disassemble Furniture If You Can

Much of the furniture in your home can probably be broken down into smaller pieces, having had to be assembled in the first place. As a professional Idaho Falls furniture outlet, we highly recommend that you save all of the screws, bolts, nuts, locks, keys, and anything else involved in a secure bag, and to secure it to the disassembled furniture.

Wrap Up Your Furniture

This is especially true for fragile items that need some extra care. As an Idaho Falls furniture outlet, we specialize in storing and maintaining furniture, so take our word for it: accidents happen. Wrapping your furniture in quilts, blankets, and other forms of padding are a great way of preventing breaks, scratches, and other forms of damage. Sharp edges are the most common culprit, so be sure to cover these as best you can.

Generally, you will want to avoid plastic materials for furniture covering, because it can damage certain materials by leading to condensation.

Stack Items Securely

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Start with the largest and heaviest items, and go lighter and smaller as you work your way up. Large coffee tables, kitchen tables, sofas, and chairs should be at the bottom. The smallest and lightest items that you will want on the top of your stack are TVs, laptops and computers, kitchen appliances, glass objects, and other fragile and expensive items. It is also best to keep these stored in secure boxes.

The same kind of principle applies as you move from back to front. Keep larger and heavier furniture near the back, and go lighter as you work your way forward. This is a great way to both save space, and make it easier to navigate through your objects when you return to your storage area.

Storing items by size and weight is crucial. As your leading Idaho Falls furniture outlet, we are well aware of the danger involved when a piece of furniture falls, likely taking other pieces of furniture with it. Stack things up as best you can, but don’t go too high, because that increases the chances of having a spill.

Secure Your Storage Area

Furniture Storage Tips

Once everything is in place, the final step is to securely lock your storage area. A strong lock and key, or a lock with a strong code, is the easiest and most obvious step. If you want to go a bit further, invest in an alarm system to further deter burglary.

Marketplace Home Furnishings, Your Idaho Falls furniture outlet, encourages safe and efficient furniture storage practices, so be sure to follow the above steps for maximum furniture storage results!