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The Benefits of Shopping At Our Idaho Falls Sleep Center

Idaho Falls Sleep CenterMore and more evidence is revealing just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. The quality of your sleep affects everything in your life, including:

  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Blood pressure
  • Productivity
  • Relationships
  • Happiness
  • Weight
  • Aging
  • Lifespan

Needless to say, one of the most important factors in getting that all important high quality sleep is a good mattress, and you will find it at our sleep center in Idaho Falls.

Mattresses play a major role in your physical and mental health. A high quality mattress is crucial for high quality sleep. According to many sleep specialists, the right mattress includes:

  • Good physical support: Your body needs to be well supported in a way that none of your pressure points are pressed on while lying in a horizontal position. Your hips, shoulders, ankles, and ribs need to be free to relax and sink down into the mattress. This is the quality of mattress you will find at our sleep center in Idaho Falls.
  • Support for spinal alignment: High quality mattresses will help keep your spine well aligned. This is crucial for preventing muscle stiffness and neck aches, helping you stay relaxed and improving your concentration throughout the day.
  • Good body weight distribution: You will want your mattress to help keep your body weight consistently distributed across the frame and sleep surface.

Idaho Falls Sleep CenterThe best mattresses you can find are the ones that consistently provide these three benefits. At our sleep center in Idaho Falls, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Marketplace Home Furnishings is proud to offer mattresses (and other mattress accessories) from Sleep Inc. These mattresses are designed knowing just how important mattresses are to one’s overall health and well-being. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, and the ideal state for us to be in during this time is one of deep, relaxed sleep. One of the most common impediments to this level of relaxation is a low quality mattress.

Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of restless sleep that involves a lot of tossing and turning is the fact that we are lying on one part of our bodies for too long. This results in a loss of blood flow to that particular area, depriving the skin and tissues of the oxygen and nutrients it needs. When this happens, the body sends a signal to your brain that compels you to roll over, restoring blood flow to the area.

The Sleep Inc. mattresses you will find at our sleep center in Idaho Falls are designed in such a way that comfortable sleep is maintained throughout the entire night, encouraging healthy blood flow throughout your body and mitigating the need to toss and turn. Our mattresses reduce the amount of pressure on your body’s pressure points, particularly on your knees, hips, and shoulders.

Idaho Falls Sleep CenterAt our sleep center in Idaho Falls, you will find a number of different Sleep Inc. mattresses, so you’re sure to find something that works perfectly for you. Some of the options we have available include:

  • Body Comfort
  • Body Contour
  • Complete Comfort
  • Double Sided
  • Dream Renew Gel Pillow
  • Hospitality Collection

You will find these, and many others like them, at our showroom. Sleep Inc. has a reputation for mattresses that are high in quality, durable, and extremely comfortable, and we are happy to provide them to you.

At our sleep center in Idaho Falls, you will also find a number of features that will help give you an optimal night’s sleep, including:

  • Premium InnerSprings or individual fabric encased Pocket Springs for personal support
  • 360 Degree Foam Encasement for maximized sleeping area from edge to edge
  • Extensive warranties

Idaho Falls Sleep CenterOverall, Americans average less than seven hours of sleep per weeknight. For many of use, this means sleep deprivation, which brings with it a whole list of problems. The standard recommendation for a full night’s sleep is eight hours. It is important to remember that this is not universal – some people can function on less, while others require more. However, no matter what your sleep schedule might be like, you will find mattresses at our sleep center in Idaho Falls that will help you get the most out of it, enhancing your health, mood, and concentration throughout the day.