How To Care For Wood Furniture In Idaho Falls

Pillows and Bench - wood furniture in Idaho Falls

There is something special about a beautiful piece of wood furniture in Idaho Falls. No matter its size, style or color, wood furniture imparts a sophistication few pieces of furniture can. Wood furniture conjures deep feelings of raw earth, harvested from a chaos and crafted into functional art. The presence of furniture made of wood immediately warms most interiors and exteriors. Sitting with friends and family around a solid oak dining table can create lifelong memories. Reclaimed wood headboards and footboards can make cold winter nights seem much warmer. If you own one or more pieces of wood furniture in Idaho Falls, it is essential to know how to take care of it and doing so will ensure a lifetime of beauty and function.

Proper care and maintenance is easy. Whether you own an heirloom wood table or cheap wood benches, keeping them clean doesn’t require much elbow grease. There are many products on the market that can make cleaning wood furniture simple. Sometimes, getting the job done may only require a damp cloth. Other times, desired results will require specialty products. Cleaning wood furniture should not be something to avoid. This post will discuss the ins and outs of cleaning your wood furniture in Idaho Falls.

Step 1: One Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Bench and Pillows - wood furniture in Idaho FallsIt should come as no surprise that simply keeping your wood furniture out of harm’s way is best. High traffic areas expose wood furniture prone to scratches, dings, and breaks. Heirloom chairs should be stored out of the way of high traffic areas. Old wood tables shouldn’t be used as ad hoc storage for boxes and other things. Chairs should be slid under tables and wood shelves should be securely fastened to walls or floors. Just keeping wood furniture out of the way can keep it looking its best.

Sometimes it may seem like it’s easier to use a wood chair as a step stool. Misusing wood furniture causes more damage than necessary and can also be dangerous. Clean up spills as soon as possible. Keep your wood furniture out of prolonged exposure to the elements and sunlight. Keep your furniture in a dry environment because high humidity can warp wood over time. Additionally, excessive heat can also damage wood furniture in Idaho Falls, so keep it away from heater vents.

Step 2: Time To Clean Your Wood Furniture In Idaho Falls

Dust your wood furniture frequently. If dust and dirt is allowed to accumulate, fading and scratches can occur. Avoid feather dusters as the quills can potentially scratch the surfaces. Use a mixture of mild soap and water to scrub away greasy soil and other built up substances. Avoid soaps with detergents as these will dry the wood and could possibly damage stains or varnishes. Dry the clean surface as soon as the soiled area is clean.

Be careful when using products with fragrances or dyes as they can stain your wood furniture. Always check the label for compatibility with the particular wood you are cleaning. Many specialty wood cleaning products are perfectly acceptable for general use. However, wood furniture made from reclaimed wood can absorb fluids more readily so be sure of what you are using.

Step 3: Protect Your Wood Furniture In Idaho Falls

Home Decor and Furniture - wood furniture in Idaho FallsWood furniture should be protected from spills and stains if possible. This is usually accomplished by treating the wood with varnishes or oils. Shellac varnishes don’t really protect very well against stains but it is better than having an unfinished surface. Be sure to use coasters and placemats if you finish your wood furniture with shellac varnish. Wipe away any spills as soon as possible.

Other options you can use to protect against spills are oils. Oil-based polyurethanes are highly durable and scratch resistant but can become cloudy and turn yellow over time. 100% pure Tung oil or Danish oil are another option to consider. These oils are great water-repelling oils and make spill cleanup a breeze.

Step 4: Call Marketplace Home Furnishings In Idaho Falls For Additional Wood Furniture Care Information

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding caring for your new wood furniture in Idaho Falls. Simply stop in or call during regular business hours and ask for one of our wood furniture specialists.