What sets our furniture store in Idaho Falls apart from our competition?

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We’ve all been there before. You are in need of some new furniture for your new home or just want to spruce up your existing abode. You log onto Google and search for “great furniture store near me.” Almost instantly, your search results are filled with dozens of stores all sporting glowing reviews and a myriad of options to choose from. Custom furniture. Classic furniture. New age and Victorian. You choose the first result, most likely a national chain known for their uncompromising service and unrelenting salesmen/women. Sure, it’s all the across town but you remember having a pleasant experience there 10 years ago.

Idaho Falls Furniture StoreUpon walking through the front doors, you are greeted with a familiar and somewhat unexciting showroom. It looks almost exactly the same as when you visited a decade ago. Sure, there are new models being advertised using flashy graphics and signage. And yes, it seems as though there is a bunch of great options to choose from. But then, the “sale” starts. This involves an aggressive salesman/woman who cannot wait to describe all of the features that the dark sectional offers. On and on they go as your eyes glaze over. One after another you are shown couch after couch, table after table. Eventually, you are overwhelmed with the experience, ready to scramble back to your waiting vehicle in the parking lot.

You dread knowing that you will repeat this process over and over. Afterall, how fun can furniture shopping really be?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Fortunately, there is an Idaho Falls furniture store that is so different, so unique, that is breaking all the rules concerning what an Idaho Falls furniture store ought to be.

Discover Marketplace Home Furnishings in Idaho Falls

From the moment you walk through our front doors on Broadway Road on the west side of Idaho Falls, you’ll notice that this furniture store visit isn’t like all the others you’ve done. You will be greeted as soon as you enter by a friendly sales associate, however, you won’t be “mobbed” like you would be at those other stores on the east side. Sure, they will answer your questions, but you’ll be free to wander about as you wish. No pressure. No uncomfortable sales pitches. Just you and the furniture.

And there is a LOT of furniture at this Idaho Falls furniture store!

Idaho Falls Furniture StoreMarketplace Home Furnishings has as much, if not more, floor space as the Ace Hardware retail store next door. Yet you’ll be amazed at how much furniture we have managed to fit into every available square foot. Unlike the seemingly sterile furniture showrooms on Hitt Rd that look like, well, showrooms, ours looks more like a home decorating competition. As you walk through the winding pathways, you’ll feel as though you’re walking through comfy and homely living spaces. We have set up our living room sets to incorporate the thousands of home decor accessories we have in stock. The reason for this is so that we can give you a basic idea of how your own living room can be decorated to accent your tastes. End tables with plants and decorative clocks butt up against custom recliners which sit atop large rugs that dot the floor space. Tables adorned with runners and placemats, all color coordinated, will give you a sense of how you can upgrade your own dining room to make it warmer and more inviting. And there aren’t just a few tables set up… more like dozens!

Wall Decorations

Idaho Falls Furniture StoreAs you make your way through the store, you’ll notice that all of the walls are adorned with hundreds of paintings, plaques, antique soda pop signs, neon lighted boards, and clocks. Oh, the clocks. Large clocks, small clocks, round clocks, square clocks. After all, an Idaho Falls furniture store ought to be able to offer their customers the option of keeping track of time in almost any way imaginable. Many of our customers are surprised at the amount of clocks we have in our inventory. We can honestly say that we likely have the most clocks in one place in Idaho Falls. If you don’t find something you just absolutely love, we can probably order one for you!

We also love wall art. We display hundreds of paintings that cover almost any style you’re in the mood for. From oil paintings detailing rolling landscapes to images lovers embraced on the shores of a Caribbean beach,  we have just about anything you need to add flair and depth to your living spaces. All of the paintings and pictures we display are surrounded by beautiful frames and are priced to sell. Our paintings won’t break the bank or your wallet. And the best part? Our painting inventory is fluid. This means that if you visit our Idaho Falls furniture store weekly or monthly, you are sure to see something new and unique.

Decor and Accessories

Idaho Falls Furniture StoreWhen it comes to plants, we know what people like. All of our decorative plants are artificial yet look so real that our visitors always seem to want to touch them to make sure. We stock trees, bushes, flowers, ferns, mosses, and more. Depending on the current season, we have options that will complement the colors and shades found in the foothills and forests around Idaho Falls. And the best part? They never wilt and die! They will look as good in 25 years as the day you purchase them. Our artificial plants are dispersed throughout our showroom so if there is something in particular you are looking for, just ask one of our sales associates and they are sure to find something you will love.

Large Area Rugs

Covering your floor space with beautiful rugs from our Idaho Falls furniture store will set your home apart from your neighbors and friends. We believe that no floor is complete without a nice, large decorative rug. After all, why would you spend so much time adorning your walls, tables, and other spaces with beautiful things and ignore the only part of your home you always have physical contact with? We have hundreds of unique and durable area rugs that will fit into just about any decor plan. We even stock area rugs for children’s rooms with fun designs meant to compliment curious minds and passionate playtime.

Idaho Falls Furniture Store

Bedroom Sets and Living Room Sets at Our Idaho Falls Furniture Store

Furniture Store in my Area - Idaho Falls Furniture StoreNear the southeast corner of our showroom is our bedroom set collection. Here you will find contemporary and one-of-a-kind bed frames, head and foot boards, end tables, dressers, vanities, and so much more unlike anything you’ll find on 25th street. Many of the bedroom sets we stock are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. We have so many options available for just about any look you are trying to achieve. We can also special order items you don’t see in the showroom.

We outfit our beds with Sleepinc mattresses from our Idaho Falls mattress store next door to Ace Hardware in order to showcase the complete bedroom package available in one location. Feel free to lay down and get comfortable. We don’t mind at all! We’ll wake you up if you start to snore, however…

So, Are You Ready To Experience the Best Idaho Falls Furniture Store on The West Side?

Idaho Falls Mattress Outlet Store in Idaho FallsOur showroom is conveniently located on West Broadway between the new Ace Hardware and Alberston’s. Look for the big yellow delivery van in the parking lot. And that reminds us… we will deliver and set up your new furniture for you. That means all you have to do is come in, find something you like, and relax. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. We also offer financing through Wells Fargo so you can have flexibility with the way you choose to pay for your new furniture. Credit is issued upon approval.

Idaho Falls Mattress OutletBe sure to visit Marketplace Mattress Outlet, just to the west of our main showroom on the other side of Ace Hardware. We stock dozens of models from twin sizes to large California kings. Pair these premium Sleepinc mattresses with our luxurious pillows and you’ll never want to get out of bed again. We offer industry standard warranties and guarantee you’ll love your new mattress and bed set. And, just like our Idaho Falls furniture store delivery service, we will also deliver and set up your new bed for you so all you have to worry about is where in your bedroom it should go. We’ll remove and dispose of your old bed for you, as well.

Marketplace Home Furnishings is more than just another Idaho Falls furniture store. We’re unique. We’re local. We love our community. And we’re not beholden to large corporate interests that put profits above service. Every customer who walks through our doors are like family and we treat them so.

Next time you need to go furniture shopping, consider Marketplace Home Furnishings. One visit will prove to you that when it comes to our customers, they “come in as a guest, leave as a friend.”

May All Who Enter As Guests, Leave As Friends