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Idaho Falls Furniture Store - Largest Furniture Store On The West Side of Idaho FallsMarketplace Home Furnishings is proud to be one of the leading furniture stores in Idaho Falls, and the largest one on the west side! Since the very beginning, we’ve been dedicated to matching all of the right furniture for all of the right homes, office spaces, and more. Our showroom has the unique items you need to make your home feel even more cozy and inviting. Creating the right mood in your home is key to bringing family and friends together. At Marketplace Home Furnishings, you will find everything you need to fully furnish your property, and turn your house into a home. You will find everything from unique, personal items to pieces that would look great right in the family room.

People remember our Idaho Falls furniture store for the casual shopping experience that we provide to our customers. When you come in to Marketplace Home Furnishings, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, without feeling like you are being pressured into buying anything from an employee. When you want help with something, just ask! Aside from that, feel free to browse around at your leisure.

At Marketplace Home Furnishings, we provide:

  • Living Room Furniture: We wanted to provide unique furniture to the people of Southeastern Idaho, and that’s exactly what we’ve done! Our living room furniture line is comprised of many different “one-of-a-kind” pieces that will turn any room in your home into something with beauty and character. At our furniture store in Idaho Falls, you are guaranteed to find high quality furniture at great prices.
  • Home Decor: Our home decor products are designed with the specific intention of being unique to your average, every-day furniture outlet. We provide wall art, clocks, faux flora, and more! Our home decor products are charming and charismatic, ranging from robust and rustic designs to soft, subtle textures. And with so much variety available from our furniture store in Idaho Falls, you are guaranteed to find something that works best for your home’s unique design and layout.
  • Dining Room Furniture: We provide dining room furniture with your family in mind. After all, this is where your family gets together often and connects. Our dining room furniture is available in various different shapes, sizes, and colors. We provide various sideboards, cupboards, and cabinets, as well as decorations that are sure to create warmth and beauty to your room, such as wall hangings, clocks, pictures, and lighting.
  • Custom Bedroom & Living Room Furniture: Our furniture store in Idaho Falls offers a huge selection of bedroom and living room furniture, giving you the ability to pick your own design, style, color, and fabric. Choose from any of our “Rustic Chic” furniture, which would look great with many of the home designs and layouts in Idaho Falls. We provide entry tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables, hutches, and more! Many of our products can be customized specifically to your liking. We are happy to provide our customers with an affordable way of customizing their home. We also offer great warranties.
  • Mattresses: I huge part of what we do is provide mattresses that go above and beyond the comfort level of ordinary mattresses. We want our customers to get the most out of their mattresses, understanding that a good night’s sleep is crucial for your health, productivity, and well-being. We welcome our customers to come into our showroom so they can experience these mattresses for themselves, before they decide on their purchase. One of the major brands we carry is Sleep Inc, from which we provide a number of different models and accessories.

Largest Furniture Store on West Side Of Idaho FallsAs the largest furniture store on the west side of Idaho Falls, Marketplace Home Furnishings is happy to be able to ship our products as far as Shelley and Rexburg. We feel a deep sense of fulfillment knowing that our products and services are helping to make homes and office spaces more comfortable and inviting. The quality of your living space is important for your quality of life, and we’re proud to be helping our customers find the unique, comforting, and beautiful furniture and decorations they need.

Come on in sometime and browse around. In no time you will see for yourself why we are the one of the most trusted furniture stores in Idaho Falls!