Let’s Talk Area Rugs

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There are several reasons to consider an AREA RUG in your decorating!

  1. For one, area rugs anchor furniture in a room and create a conversation space. When using an area rug in a living room, for example, it helps to create a cozy space that invites conversation. Too often we find ourselves pushing our furniture against the walls thinking that we are “opening up” a room. This can actually have the opposite effect and can also make conversation difficult. When using an area rug with furnishings try to put at least the front legs of your furniture on the rug.
  2. A second advantage in decorating with area rugs in Idaho Falls is that you can use them to add bold, bright colors or patterns. It can feel daunting to commit to a bold or bright color with wall paint or furniture. With an area rug, however, you can add a pop of color while still maintaining a more subdued or neutral wall paint and furniture if that is your style.
  3. A third reason we love to decorate with area rugs is that they can tie your décor together. You can utilize elements such as texture, color, and line in your rug to subtly bring a room together. Do not feel, however, that everything has to match perfectly. Also, it can be difficult to find that perfect area rug to compliment décor if it is the last thing you add to your space. Choose an area rug FIRST to guide your decorating and you save yourself a headache later on!
  4. Finally, area rugs are wonderful in your home because they are comfortable! If you have tile or hardwood floors not only can they be hard on your feet but these surfaces can also be cold in our southeastern Idaho winters. Having area rugs in walkways and traffic areas can make it more comfortable as you move about your home. An area rug under the bed can also be very nice in the mornings when your feet hit the floor. Remember when placing a rug under your bed that a 12 to 18 inch border around the bed creates a nice look!

We hope this information on area rugs in Idaho Falls is helpful for you. As always though let your personal preferences and tastes be your guide as you decorate your home! Call us at (208) 522-3292 if you have any questions!

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