What do you expect from an Idaho Falls mattress store?

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There are many mattresses out there that catch your eye. And that’s all they do is catch your eye because you are looking at them on a screen instead of touching, feeling, laying, and looking at them in real life. We have a showroom here at your local Idaho Falls Mattress Store that you can do all of that and much more.  There isn’t anything better than being able to test out what you are buying before you actually buy it. You can watch videos and see as many pictures as you want, but when it comes down to physical attributes of you mattress, there isn’t a better way to do that than by coming into our showroom.

Sleepinc is one of the major brands we carry. They have an extensive line of beds that we have in our showroom. Here are some that we carry from them.

  • Body Comfort
  • Body Contour
  • Complete Comfort
  • Double Sided
  • Dream Renew Gel Pillow
  • Hospitality Collection

With these and many others in our showroom, we guarantee that you’ll find one that suits your needs and budget. Sleepinc is known for their quality, durability, and comfort for their mattresses and that is why we carry them. We want you to have a phenomenal night’s sleep. That’s why we carry the best. They are the best because they are made right here in America.


Some of the features of the beds from Sleepinc are:

  • Premium InnerSprings or individual fabric encased Pocket Springs for personal support
  • 360 Degree Foam Encasement for maximized sleeping area from edge to edge
  • Extensive warranties

You can rest easy knowing that we have kept jobs in the United States. We are also supporting local communities in having them produce our mattresses, stitch them, and deliver them to us and then to your home.

Mattress showroom in Idaho Falls

Not very often do you have the option to view items on a website and then are able to go in the store and touch and feel exactly what you saw. Mattresses can look and feel different than you had expected after viewing them. Come on in to our showroom and see what we can offer.

Don’t Settle for Bad Mattresses

Idaho Falls Mattress Outlet Store in Idaho FallsWe have all had those nights where we have woken up and wondered how we slept at all that night. We have all slept on someone else’s mattress that was rock hard or had springs that poked out and were right in your back. Or when you sleep it sags in the middle and you end up rolling to the middle of the bed. If you have had these problems with mattresses then you need a new one immediately. Having a bad night can lead to lack of performance at work, stress build up at home or in a relationship, or weaken your immune system. Don’t let this happen to you and come in to Marketplace Mattress Outlet and find one that is right for you.

The Right Mattress

Idaho Falls Mattress Outlet Store in Idaho FallsThere are so many mattresses out there that you can buy and that have varying technology in them. How do you know which one is right for you? You can sit online and read reviews all day from people who have slept on them and have different likes and dislikes about mattresses than you do. This is one option. You could always go to a discount store and sleep on beds that are going to have the same problems that you are experiencing or have experienced in the past. They don’t have warranties so if something goes wrong you won’t get the customer service that you want. If you come in and view them in our Idaho Falls Showroom then you will get exactly what you are searching for. You will get a warranty from the manufacturer that will allow you to get the customer service that you expect and deserve. You also get to test drive your bed in the store to lay on it, touch it, feel it, roll on it, and everything else that you need to do before you buy a bed. This is all done at Marketplace Mattress Outlet and you will go home knowing that you made the right decision.

Why us

We are you your premier Idaho Falls mattress store and we know what you want in a bed. You want reliability, dependability, longevity, and warranty. Those are exactly what you are looking for in a bed. We have those and much more when you come into our mattress outlet and see our showroom full of these options. We have been servicing Southeast Idaho and will continue to do so for a long time.


Idaho Falls Mattress Outlet Store in Idaho FallsSleepinc was founded on over 40 years in the mattress and bedding industry. They have become the standard for quality in mattress design, manufacturing, distribution, and in dealer support. They are also helping the environment by getting rid of old mattresses in the right way. They strip them down to their core pieces and grind them down so that they can be recycled and reused in a proper way instead of going to a landfill and filling it up. They are taking the initiative in this part of the industry that cannot compare to any other company.

They also have everything made in the USA because they believe in the American dream and support local communities. They do this because they can control the quality of their beds even better and they can produce and ship out even faster.

How to pick out your mattress

Idaho Falls Mattress Outlet Store in Idaho FallsThis is a complicated question because it involves what you like and what you need. It is as complex as picking out a car because you are going to spend 1/3 of your day in it and it will determine how your day goes to a point. Do you like a soft mattress or a firm mattress? Do you want a Pillow Top or a Euro Top? Do you know the difference between any of these? This is what you are going to need to think about when you go get a bed. Each of these have different pro’s and con’s. If you are unsure what you need then come in to Idaho Falls Mattress Store to figure out your needs. Idaho Falls Mattress Store has what you are looking for and you can try them out to see if the Euro top is too soft or if the firm mattress is just too firm. These are the benefits you get by coming in and trying them out before you buy it and instantly regret it the first night you sleep on it.

Come on in

Idaho Falls Mattress Outlet Store in Idaho FallsDon’t hesitate to come in and test out your new mattress in our store. Sit, lay, slide, sleep on our mattresses in our store to make sure that you are getting what you want. We will help you out in any way we can.

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