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We spend almost a third of our life asleep, and if you’re not getting the rest your body needs, your waking hours will be affected as a result. A quality mattress will promote joint and muscle health, improve posture, reduce stress, and give you more energy, so you can be happy and productive going through your day. Marketplace Mattress Outlet has everything you need to get the most out of a proper night’s sleep. Our leading USA handcrafted products, excellent prices, and 100% locally owned and operated services provide everything you need from your local mattress store in Idaho Falls.

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We offer many different product lines to accommodate a wide variety of needs. These include:

  • Complete Comfort
  • BodyComfort
  • BodyContours
  • Double-sided
  • Hospitality

Complete Comfort is a well-designed series intended to provide support for every body. This mattress model has been backed by leading sleep technologies, and is available in various comfort levels. Some features may vary depending on the model. These can include plush or pillow tops, Traditional InnerSprings, and support.

The BodyComfort line has been designed in such a way as to match any body type, and provide comfort and stability through the use of fabric-encased coils. This also reduces motion transfer, so you and your partner can both achieve a good night’s sleep without interruption.

Mattress Store in Idaho FallsBodyContours is designed with the individual’s specific weight and body shape in mind. This line combines Pocket Springs Unites with Premium InnerSpring Units in a way that reacts ideally to your unique body structure. A great feature that is available with this line is our 360 Degree Foam Encasement, to maximize your sleeping surface to every edge of your mattress, as well as providing stronger edge support.

Our double-sided mattresses are made with quality components, textile designs, and a silky smooth finish. Features include Premium InnerSpring support and lavish TENCEL covers. These mattresses are both eco-friendly and replenishable, making them the natural choice for satisfying comfort at a great value.

The Hospitality line is one of our most luxurious and durable products. What sets this collection apart is its uniquely detailed and consistent craftsmanship, as well as its premium technology designed to provide lasting comfort. This variable mattress line has been made into a number of different models, including one-sided, two-sided, or gel-infused memory foam, and can include Premium InnerSprings and encased coils. This exceptional mattress design guarantees comfort and support, and its sleep systems have been proven by a top mattress manufacturer.

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Marketplace Mattress Outlet: Mattress Store in Idaho Falls

Marketplace Mattress Outlet stands out from any mattress store in Idaho Falls. We seek to provide our local and neighboring communities such as Rexburg, Rigby, and Blackfoot with the best brands and services for a great value. Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture you have in your home, as it directly affects your health, productivity, and state of mind. Our staff is always available to answer any questions and to work with you in order to send you home with your ideal mattress, but we also want you to be able to browse our store without being expected to buy anything right away. From home, you can check out our photo gallery, which includes plenty of pictures of our various mattress lines and other home decorating products. Our blog also has plenty of information on home decor, such as do-it-yourself projects, wall space tips, and how to choose the perfect area rug.

If you are noticing backaches, stiff muscles, or difficulty sleeping, it is probably time to take a look at our luxurious mattress lines. Come in to your local mattress store in Idaho Falls today for excellent services and products.