3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Mattress for You!

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Have you ever woken up from a night’s sleep with a stiff back and an aching body? Who hasn’t, right?!

Finding the perfect mattress in Idaho Falls that is right for your body and the way you sleep is key to getting restful sleep. Here are three things to know in helping you shop for a mattress:

1 – Mattress SIZE. In determining the size of mattress you need to think about the dimensions of the room that the mattress will go in. You do not want a mattress that is so large that moving around the room is difficult. You also need to think about the number of people who will sleep on it. Lastly, consider any hallways, corners, and stairways to be sure that you can move the mattress into the space. That king mattress you have your eye on may not be able to be moved into that basement bedroom! Mattresses come in six sizes:

  • TWIN is 38”x74” and is good for a single person.
  • TWIN XL is 38”x80” and is good for a taller person.
  • FULL is a little wider than a twin at 54”x74” and can fit two but is really best for a single person wanting a little more space.
  • QUEEN is 60”x80” and is the most popular size for two people but great for a single person as well.
  • KING is 76”x80” and is very comfortable for two people.
  • CALIFORNIA-KING is 72”x84” and is four inches narrower and four inches longer than a king.

2- Sleeping STYLE / Level of SUPPORT. firm mattress is recommended if you sleep on your stomach to help support your back. Many people who sleep on their backs also prefer the support that a firm mattress provides. Plush mattresses are softer but can still provide the firmness that some people are looking for. If you sleep on your back or side this can be a great mattress for you. A pillow top is the softest of the mattresses and also works well for back and side sleepers. If you want a soft bed then a pillow top is a good choice to make!

3 – CONSTRUCTION. There are several different types of materials used in mattress construction. Here are two types that we carry in our store:

  • Innerspring/Coil/Pillowtops – Innerspring mattresses are the most common style for mattresses. Depending on the mattress you can have between 400 & 900 springs that support the quilted top. On top of the springs manufacturers will use a variety of foams, stuffings, and padding to create a comfortable sleeping surface. These mattresses range in thickness and firmness and have a longevity of anywhere from five to ten years.
  • Memory Foam – Foam mattresses can be anywhere from four to 12 inches thick. They can have a warm sleep surface so Gel can be added to the mattress to help keep them cool. Foam mattress can be comfortable for people with back problems and other aches and pains because the material supports natural alignment and does not place additional pressure on the body.

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Use these tips and come in and visit our Marketplace Mattress Outlet as you search for that mattress that will give you that perfect night’s sleep!