Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating Bookshelves

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Bookshelves in Idaho FallsYou do not have to be an interior designer to have beautiful bookcases or shelves. Decorating bookcases can feel challenging because we are often made to think that there are all these “rules” to decorating. We want to make it easy though because bookshelves are such an ideal space to display your favorite items.

In decorating your bookshelves it can help to start by using what you love! Family photos, quirky accessories, works of art, quotes,  your favorite books, and other decor items are all perfect for being displayed in bookshelves. Once you have selected the items that speak to you and bring you joy you can move on to the arrangement.

Remembering the “Rule of Three” is especially helpful in this step. The Rule of Three means that objects look better in groups of three. If you pay attention you will see this over and over again in art, photography, design, and even in nature. This idea extends to the other odd numbers such as, 5, 7, and 9 as well.

How do you apply the Rule of Three to your bookshelves? There are countless ways! You can display a matching set of décor items in three different sizes, for example. You can also get three objects with different textures to add variation and depth. If you have three photos, for example, you can buy frames that are made from various materials. A third idea is that you can also create groupings of three differing objects. If you have two candlesticks of varying heights and a picture in a frame, for example, you can cluster these items together to make a group of three.

Lastly, remember that less is more, especially when it comes to decorating a bookshelf.  You do not have to fill the entire shelf with things. A bold, large statement piece can easily stand-alone in a section.  As always, have fun, make it your own, and do not worry about all the other complicated rules of decorating that are out there! Come on in and visit us; we love to help and offer ideas!