How To Spill-Proof Furniture In Idaho Falls

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Advice On How To Keep Your Furniture Stain-free From Marketplace Home Furnishings

When people think of how to spill-proof furniture in Idaho Falls, they tend to envision wrapping their couches and chairs in unsightly plastic coverings. Fortunately, Marketplace Home Furnishings is here to show you that there are much more aesthetically appealing ways of spill-proofing your furniture.

Stain-Proof Sprays

As long as you don’t have children who are drawing on the couch with permanent markers, you have plenty of options available for stain-proofing your couch that go beyond a permanent plastic cover. Stain-resistant sprays are super-hydrophobic, meaning they actively repel liquids. They can also be ways of sealing your fabric in order to mitigate stains from spills. Stain-proof sprays can be used on most fabric furniture in Idaho Falls, including dry-clean only fabrics. A stain-proof spray will not change how your fabric looks for feels, so it will remain looking great while maintaining its comfort level. These sprays can also be used on rugs and carpets.

Just remember, some manufacturers of these products have changed their ingredients recently, and some may not be entirely safe. Before making your purchase, be sure to do your research and only buy stain-proof sprays that are non-toxic.

Slip Covers

Slip cover on chair - Spill-Proof Your FurnitureSlip covers are a way of covering your furniture in Idaho Falls in order to prevent stains from ever occurring, and they look a lot better than plastic covers. These modern covers are stylish and sleek, and can be purchased in a wide variety of different styles.

Slipcovers can fit over your entire couch or chair, and will ward off stains from nose bleeds or food and liquid spills. The slipcover will be stained, rather than your furniture. And when that happens, you can simply replace it, keeping your furniture pristine and stainless. Often times, you can also simply wash the slipcover and it will be returned to normal, at which point you can place it back onto your couch or chair.

Of course, you can also make your own impromptu slipcovers at home using sheets to cover your couches or chairs, and the same principle applies.

This makes for a safe, non-toxic way of deterring stains on your furniture in Idaho Falls, that can easily be removed when the kids are asleep.

Spill-repellent Fabrics

The frontier of spill-repellent fabrics is the patio furniture industry. And although patio furniture is often known for its rough, rugged, and sometimes uncomfortable feel, you can now find wax and acrylic based cotton blends for your furniture in Idaho Falls, which feel just as comfy and cozy as normal household fibers. These materials are comprised of stain-resisting materials and function in much the same way as stain-proof sprays. This fabric is hydrophobic, creating a barrier of protection in order to resist spills so that they don’t turn into stains.

This innovative technology is a fantastic way of keeping your furniture looking beautiful, and gives you peace of mind when surrounded by playing children and rowdy animals.

Regularly Clean & Vacuum Your Couch

Stains can form as the result of dust and dirt buildup. Regularly vacuuming your furniture in Idaho Falls is a good way of preventing stains. It’s also a good idea to wipe down your couch with a wet cloth at least once every six months. Lint rollers are also a good tool for cleaning your upholstery, keeping it looking fresh and preventing dirt and dust buildup.

Change Your Household Habits

If you aren’t ready to invest in any of the above preventative measures, it’s always a wise idea to ban food from being eaten on the furniture. Keep all liquids away from your furniture. Even water can cause stains and leave spots.

Keeping food and beverages in the kitchen or family room is a guaranteed way of preventing stains, but it’s also been shown to be healthier for the family. Some studies show that eating while watching TV is linked with certain health issues.

When it comes to family movie night, consider making a picnic area in the living room, which can be a fun way of avoiding stains while bringing your family together.

Marketplace Home Furnishings is dedicated to making your house feel more like a home, so we encourage you to keep things clean, healthy, and beautiful!